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Welcome to New Castle Management Group, a full service property management company which was founded by Michael A. Carr, an inner city powerhouse professional with a combined experience of Real Estate, Property Management and Economics, for over twenty five years. The journey in creating this company became successful because he understood the direction the real estate market was turning, and realized that there was a demand for an inovative property management company (NCMG) that is professional, well organized and with a reputable reputation. He initiated valuable steps with the right approach. It brought recognition to his company and demands based on the need of leasing on single family and multi-family homes. New Castle Management Group, promotes commitment in getting your property leased or rented within a reasonable time because of the use of aggressive marketing techniques which are assessed based on your neighborhood and their demographics. Thorough screening as well as employment verifications are conducted on all qualifying tenants, to minimize unexpected vacancies and 24hrs maintenance services are provided to enhance quality service.

The New Castle Management Team

Michael A. Carr
President and CEO

Mike Carr was born and raised in the Greater Los Angeles area.  He attended San Diego State University and graduated with a BS in psychology in 1983. He spent a few years in cooperate America acquiring the skills and knowledge to perfect his business ethics.  He incorporated his persona with the demands of the establishment he worked for and realized that his strengths and potential for helping people obtain their goals was one of his greatest commodity. During that time is when Mike and his brother expressed their desires and interest in the real estate market.  Mike obtained his real estate license shortly after and ventured into a world where the demands for housing and apartment complex were approaching a peak.  With the rise and fall of the stock market, he maintained good character and continued successfully buying and selling houses. It has been 20 years and Mike is still at the top of his game. He now co-owns and manages this property management company called New Castle Management Group, LLC.  New Castle Management Group is one of the fastest growing property management companies in Inglewood.

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Myrna Gottlieb
Executive Assistant



Our Services

  • Aggressive marketing of vacancies
  • Thorough screening of all qualifying tenants
  • Collection of all fees and rents
  • 24hr emergency service
  • Maintenance, repairs and improvements
  • Accounts Payable
  • Establishing a trust account exclusively for your property
  • Budgeting
  • Detailed, easy-to-read monthly reports
  • Professional Services